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“Working with PRWD has been invaluable.
Paul is very logical and detailed in his approach and communicated his findings very clearly to help us see things differently”

Paul McDermott, Head of E-Commerce at Speedo International


Findability for E-commerce Websites


I was delighted to have recently been interviewed by Dave Chaffey, BSc, PhD, FCIM, MIDM, for my thoughts, recommendations and guidance on the key aspect of findability in online marketing. Dave is an author, consultant and trainer specialising in E-commerce and E-marketing education and guidance. Huge online resources, reports, books and interviews can be found over at Dave’s highly popular website.

Magnificent product. Very much helped my husband. ! Our drugstore is committed to providing an affordable alternative to the high cost of drugs.

The 5 questions that Dave asked me were:

  1. What do you see as findability? Why is findability relevant to marketers?
  2. How do you tackle findability in your usability projects?
  3. What would you say are the biggest findability errors that e-retail sites typically have from a marketing perspective?
  4. I know you’re a big advocate of card-sorting. Typically this is part of a heavyweight usability project. Is there any place for it in improve findability of an existing site which is not due a major upgrade.
  5. When working at Littlewoods Shop Direct Group there must have been a tension between print-based design techniques for the catalogues and web-based design techniques. Can web designers learn from the catalogue merchandising techniques. Any tips and tricks?

Take a look at the full Q and A session, which from my commercial experience at Littlewoods Shop Direct is geared towards large multi-channel retailers.

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