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“Working with PRWD has been invaluable.
Paul is very logical and detailed in his approach and communicated his findings very clearly to help us see things differently”

Paul McDermott, Head of E-Commerce at Speedo International


User Experience Blogging – The Butterfly Effect


So its been almost 3 months since I first started blogging and a lot has happened. In a way I feel it has provided a kind of butterfly effect for me personally and my digital agency, so much so that our new business cards and stationery promote this blog as a resource for best practice advice on usability, user experience and information architecture.

My wife and I have nothing but praise for this product. . You can buy branded and generic medicines.

So below I have provided a personal summary of why the inception of this blog has being a real success on a number of levels…

  1. I have really benefited from focusing some of my energy specifically on my core skills on user centred design and usability
  2. I am really happy with the articles I’ve been writing, with a good mix of purely my own thoughts along with comments and links to other relevant and interesting articles
  3. When I’m promoting my user centred design and usability services, in addition to promoting my digital agency website I pass on my blog details which gives a prospective client or associate a much clearer idea of my experiences and expertise which I can bring to a user experience project
  4. I am now starting to develop an online identity (a quick search for myself on Google (I can’t be alone in doing this surely!) provides an indication of where I have been and what I have been commenting on recently) along with establishing strong networks of great people
  5. I have stepped up my visibility at industry events such as Internet World, Business Startup Live and Open Coffee
  6. I have started taking on some exciting projects with forward thinking and innovative clients through PRWD which will allow me personally to further focus on my core user experience and interaction design strengths rather than including actual web programming, as we are looking at taking on highly skilled developers using the likes of Ajax and Ruby on Rails
  7. PRWD’S clients are really benefiting from services we have provided, such as significant increases in online enquiries and search engine rankings
  8. And not to forget whilst still working very hard I am trying to find a better work/life balance, which is beneficial to my wife, myself and friends and family alike – view a comment I made on this subject recently

So to rewind back to my very 1st post, I certainly won’t be blogging back, instead I’m looking ahead to what should be a very productive and rewarding 2007 (for the 6 months or so that are left!). I certainly intend on posting many more articles on all areas of online user experience which I am passionate about in order to continually build this resource of best practice advice and personal commentary…

Finally, if you’ve got this far thanks for reading, and I’ll be very interested to find out how you have found my blog so far?!

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