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“Working with PRWD has been invaluable.
Paul is very logical and detailed in his approach and communicated his findings very clearly to help us see things differently”

Paul McDermott, Head of E-Commerce at Speedo International


Latest Project: Our New Adobe AIR Business Application


Having had our 1st client meeting back in April 2008, I’m delighted to confirm that we are now on buy viagra online cheap us the verge of launching phase 1 of our clients new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

Regular follows of our blog will know that this project has been delivered using very much a user-centered design approach, something which our client C&O Powder Coatings knew absolutely nothing about until we introduced the concept to them back in April last year.

It is fair to say that if we didn’t use this user-centric approach to deliver bespoke web and business applications we would not have won the contract in the 1st place, as our client has heard countless horror stories of off-the-shelf business systems causing productivity and efficiency issues, in extreme cases nearly bringing some businesses to their knees.

2 months before the application has actually being installed, key members of the management team at C&O Powder Coatings shared their thoughts on a few key business areas:

  • what are your efficiency and productivity issues?
  • what are your customer service demands?
  • what are your expectations?
  • what does user-centered design mean to you?

If you haven’t seen the video then I’ve embedded it below:

You expect to hear much more on this project over the coming months, such as a case study and a run through of the technical development process of the Adobe AIR application from Rob.

In the meantime below are a few more related links:

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