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No blogging back – my first blog posting

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

So here it is, my first blog posting which I expect will be the start of a significant and enlightening change to how I’ve been promoting my experience, thoughts, work and services to the online world…

It makes sense for me to provide an insight into what has finally prompted me to start my own personal blog, so here goes:

Why start blogging now?

  • A release from establishing PRWD, a full service design agency – allowing me to focus my thoughts specifically on usability and user experience, rather than a combination of lead generating, client meetings, proposal writing, contract writing, invoicing, account managing etc (you get the picture!)
  • Somewhere to share thoughts and experiences with likeminded professionals – as I subscribe to and link to more usability and user experience blogs, such as and I will be actively promoting and reading about specific news on usability and user experience, something that isn’t possible when I spend all my time at PRWD
  • The start of a useful resource for blog subscribers interested in these topics – this will take time, but with my passion for this subject there is no reason why this blog can’t develop followers

Who has encouraged me to start blogging?

  1. Craig Hanna – Training Director at E-consultancy (a fantastic resource for best practise online marketing, E-commerce and training) – having previously established a full service agency Craig has provided invaluable advice and support as I seek to establish both my business and myself as a user experience professional – thanks alot so far Craig!
  2. Ian Jindal – an entrepreneur, corporate executive and advisor – Ian was head of E-commerce at Littlewoods Shop Direct during 2004-2006, which covered 2 of my 6 years also working at Littlewoods Shop Direct as lead user experience designer, and following an intresting and at times enlightening speech at a Digital Shorts event in mid Jan, I re-introduced myself to Ian. On finding out my aspirations to increase my exposure to the online community and promote my skills and services Ian strongly advised that starting my own blog would be a very useful marketing tool – so many thanks for your time Ian and I look forward to catching up with in London soon
  3. Ashley Friedlein – CEO at E-consultancy – Along with Craig Hanna at E-consultancy Ashley has been willing to spend time with me sharing his views and offering advice on how better I can market my services and grow my business – many thanks Ashley and also for your referrals you have provided
  4. Some of the people running Manchester Digital, of which I can’t remember their names – to quote one of them, “if you are so passionate about user experience and usability you should start blogging about it” – and here I am starting to blog (although this post isn’t exactly rich in this particular subject!)
  5. Mischa McLachlan – User Interface, Web and Icon designer – having managed Mischa at Littlewoods Shop Direct, I had no hesitation in asking Mischa to carry out design work for PRWD, something he continues to do for a variety of PRWD’s clients, whilst he continues to develope his exceptional and specialist ability in the art of Icon design. Whilst supporting PRWD exhibiting at ‘How Intelligent is Your Business‘ Mischa encouraged me to start blogging on these topics, and after giving the usual excuses of not having enough time, what can I write about etc, I realised that it really is time for me start blogging – so a big thanks to Mischa who provided the final push..!

I did plan on writing about what kinds of things you can expect to read about if you subscribe to this blog, but a combination of realising the length of this 1st post and my attendance at a sportsman dinner for my football club Old Bolts in around 1 hour, I need to go and done my tuxedo and shine my shoes.

Expect more posts soon as I really get into this blogging lark, and thanks for reading.